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  • 逆流闭式冷却塔

  • Working Principle of Compound Flow


    Air-cooled and spraying spray water sprays into the surface of heat exchanger tube through spray pump, resulting in a very thin water film wrapped around the heat exchanger tube, heated by high temperature medium inside the heat exchanger tube, which prom

  • 横流闭式冷却塔


Engineering case

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Catalysis, atmospheric and vacuum distillation, hydrogenation, reforming, etc.

Chemical Industry

Synthetic ammonia, methanol, urea, PVC, etc.


Ammonia, Freon, Allylamine, Carbon Dioxide, Low Temperature Working Fluids, etc.


Blast Furnace, Continuous Casting Mold, Oxygen Gun Soft Water Cooling, Medium and High Frequency Furnace.

Electric Power

Steam turbines, air compressors, small generators, etc.


Food, beer and beverage, meat processing, multi-purpose cold storage, etc.

Light Industry

Textiles, chemical fibers, papermaking, printing, etc.




Company Profile


         Handan Oasis Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (Handan Bingfeng Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.) is located in Feixiang Economic Development Zone, Handan City, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of cooling equipment. Relying on the scientific and technological strength of cooperative universities, the company has been devoting itself to the research and development of cooling equipment for a long time. It can produce various types of cooling equipment and apply them to different fields. Product manufacturing technology is mature, reliable quality, excellent performance, especially BFL series closed cooling tower products adopt advanced cooling mode, and optimize equipment structure and materials, so that products are more efficient, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, better overall stability, higher cost-effective, product sales cover the whole country, favored by users.

With the aim of "honesty management, customer first, excellence", the company continuously innovates and develops series of products with higher technology content and better performance to better serve the vast number of users. All employees of the company are welcome to visit us or to inquire by telephone or letter.


Company Profile